Main Features

Free as in beer

The BSD license allows you to use the code for any purpose without paying us a dime.


All templates come with built-in support for meta-data. Each piece of content is available under exactly one address. All URLs are crafted with search engines in mind.

Designed for customization

It's not a framework. We are not going to force you to do things our way. Just fork it and make it do whatever you like.

Built for easy upgrading

Critical logic like price handling lives in external libraries. No matter what you do and how much your fork derives from the upstream you can still upgrade the important parts.

Optimized for performance

Instead of relying on heavy caching we make sure there are as few database queries as possible. The shopping cart lives in the session object and does not touch the database unless you want it to. Multiple product types are retrieved using a single query.

Built with Bootstrap

Easily customize your application without rewriting all of the templates. Share common code between your projects. Take advantage of third-party resources.


Installation and requirements

The requirements are fairly simple:

To get yourself started:

$ startproject \
--template= myproject
$ cd myproject
$ python develop