Sell fashion online with Saleor. For free. Saleor is an open source storefront written in python

Better dashboardmeans means a satisfied sales team

Your team is going to spend a lot of time with your dashboard. Make sure their only concern is providing the best shopping experience to your customers.

  • We've designed Saleor's dashboard to solve your every day problems. It's so intuitive that even a senior executive could use it.
  • It scales well for millions of products, customers and orders.
  • It supports multiple currencies and payment gateways.
  • It supports split shipments.
  • It works with all screen sizes, including mobiles.

Better architecturemeans means productive developers

Your developer's time is precious. Make sure they spend it improving your storefront instead of fighting it.

  • Saleor's clean architecture makes it easy to customize. Its adherence to industry standards results in great SEO.
  • It's built using Django and runs on Python 2.x and 3.x.
  • It's super fast without relying on caching.
  • It's easy to theme thanks to semantic templates, Bootstrap and Sass.
  • It's lightweight, modular and easy to add new features.

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Better user experiencemeans meanshappier customers

Happy customers result in higher return rates and more recognition to your brand. We strive to provide the best shopping experience we can.

  • Saleor's storefront offers great experience out-of-the-box. With help of a developer or two you can make it match your brand's look and feel.
  • It provides an industry-standard checkout process.
  • It offers an excellent mobile shopping experience.
  • It supports multiple payment methods.
  • It's optimized for search engines and supports cookie-less analytics.
Simple is better than complexLess is moreSaleor is free

Commercial support

Saleor is open and free to use. It is not a bait to force you to pay us later and we promise to do our bests to fix bugs and improve the code.

Some situations however call for extra code being written. Whether you need us to cover an exotic use case or build you a custom e‑commerce appliance, our team can help.

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