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To keep you informed about the implementation
of the most important features,
below you will find our roadmap for 2018


Long-term Goals

Dashboard 2.0

New, dynamic UX - a modern and intuitive way of managing your shop.

Storefront 2.0

Mobile-first storefront with full PWA support.
Support for browser-based payment methods (Google Pay, Apple Pay).

Architecture changes (Stable core)

Moving storefront and dashboard to separate apps.

Avalara integration

Integration with Avalara for tax calculations.

CSV export

Exporting products, orders and customers to CSV files.

Data import

Tools to migrate data from Magento and Shopify to Saleor.

Shipping carriers

Integration with shipping carriers APIs.

Upcoming Release

Vatlayer integration

Integration with Vatlayer for getting tax rates. Switching between net/gross prices displayed in the storefront.

Abandoned checkouts

Ability to track abandoned checkouts.

March Release

Multilingual storefront

Creating orders through the dashboard

Customizable storefront navigation

SEO tools

Email schema markup

Background images for categories and collections

February Release

Upgraded prices handling

Adding custom pages through the dashboard

Dropped Satchless API

Switched to Webpack 4

January Release

Added support for Django 2.0

MJML templates for emails

Product collections

Adding order notes in checkout

Lazy-loading images in the storefront

Added rich-text editor widget

Creating customers through the dashboard

December Release

Dropped Python 2.7

Added OpenGraph tags and canonical links

Selectable country prefixes for phone numbers in checkout

Rendering explanatory “zero” pages

Simple is better

Less is more

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