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An opensource
storefront platform
for perfectionists

Written in python, best served as a bespoke,
high-performance e-commerce solution


Great for developers

Better architecture means
productive developers

Clear architecture

Many e-commerce features are either trival to implement or depend heavily on specific business needs so we focus on the architecure.

Optimized the Right Way™

No blanket caching. We want Saleor to be great for development. It is cache-friendly yet it does not rely on caching when it comes to performance.

Modern development

Straighforward local development, service-based architecture, top-notch technologies. Django, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, GraphQL and Docker. Saleor runs on Python 3.4+.

Easy to customize

We keep it simple, lightweight, and modular. Saleor doesn't aim to solve all problems. Fork it and make it your very own. It's easy to theme thanks to semantic templates, Bootstrap 4, and Sass.

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Great for store managers

Better dashboard means
a satisfied sales team

Intuitive, responsive dashboard

It works with all screen sizes.
Saleor's easy-to-use dashboard makes it possible to manage your store from any modern device even when you don't have access to your laptop.

Great shopping experience

Saleor sports an industry-standard checkout process, offers an excellent mobile shopping experience, and it’s search engine-friendly. It scales well to support millions of products, customers, and orders.

Integrations & internationalization

Track your store with Google Analytics. Sell with Google Merchant. Translate your site and your products. Show prices in local currencies and accept payments using popular payment gateways.

Password: admin

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Great for customers

Better user expierience means
happier customer

Smooth shopping experience

Saleor is sleek. It uses geolocation to enhance the experience of your customers. It understands international addresses, can convert prices to other currencies, and offers translation where needed.

Scalable & resilient

Saleor was built with scalibility and fault resilience in mind. Never lose a customer due to high traffic volumes or a single broken server. Run a small fleet instead of a single huge ship!

All of the standard features

Saleor is not trying to come with all possible features. It does, however, provide great implementations of the common ones. It has a great search tool and a state-of-the-art checkout process.

See demo store


Great tools are one half of success. Get the best people for the job.

Saleor is open and free to use. It is not a bait to force you to pay us later and we promise to do our bests to fix bugs and improve the code.

Some situations however call for a custom solution and extra code to be written. Whether you need us to cover an exotic use case or build you a custom e-commerce appliance, our team can help.

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Simple is better

Less is more

Saleor is free

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