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unafraid of developing business needs.

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“After actively using and developing our Saleor store for over a year, if I were to create a new shop today I would go for it again without a doubt.”

Tyler Hildebrandt,

Lead developer. Patch Garden

Loved by search engines

Saleor is packed with everything you need, from sitemaps and structured data to Open Graph that kick-starts your ecommerce SEO. Integrate with Google Merchant Center and present your products to a wider audience.

Headless commerce
with GraphQL

Take advantage of the robust API that gives you access to any third-party integrations you want. Build a mobile app, customize your storefront or externalize processes such as inventory management, order processing, fulfillment and more

Progressive Web Apps

Earn a place on users home screens and let them comfortably browse even on a slow internet connection or no connection at all. Google Page Speed optimization keeps Page Load times low and can result in doubling your conversions.

Internationalization &

Make your shop multilanguage by default. Show prices in local currencies using GeoIP, and adjust addresses and formats to the chosen region. Our community has also provided translations for more than 20 languages with coverage ranging up to 98%.


Product offer attractiveness is a combination of factors like price, exposure, and variety. Take charge and drive sales.

Products & Variants

Use attributes like color and size to create unlimited product variants. Enable your customers to use faceted search to find relevant products.


Assign products to groups to allow customers to shop by look, theme or purpose. Combine collections with vouchers and discounts to create seasonal promotions.

Multiple Images

Add unlimited images to your products and have Saleor automatically generate thumbnails in all relevant dimensions to satisfy both desktop and mobile users.


Edit individual product metadata and override fields like name and description to improve your visibility in search engine results and on social media.

Non-shippable products

Sell products like digital goods and services, and have the storefront automatically skip the shipping method and address during checkout.


Saleor gives you full control over orders, from the checkout and customer management through product delivery.

Multi-carrier shipping

Let buyers choose between multiple carriers and delivery methods. Set availability and rates separately for different countries.

Multiple dispatch

Need to ship certain items separately or on a different date? Deliver a single order using multiple fulfillments, even if it means splitting the quantity of a specific product.


If anything goes wrong or a product needs to be returned, reimburse your customers using the intuitive refund screen.


Remain in control throughout the entire lifecycle of your orders. Use custom search and filtering, leave comments for other staff members and check the detailed history of every order.

Customer profiles

Keep user database in check. Review a customer’s order history, leave notes for staff, deactivate accounts as needed or remove them entirely.

Cart & Checkout

Saleor is packed with a number of ready-to-use payment methods, as well as sales optimization and discount options.

Payment integration

Collect payments using global payment providers like PayPal or Braintree.

EU taxes

Automatically show gross prices to your European customers with Vatlayer.

Discounts & Promotions

Build seasonal sales with incentives such as free shipping and fixed-amount or percentage-rate discounts on single products or across entire categories.

Back Office

Manage your staff, search through thousands of products, accounts and orders.


Instantly search through your data including orders, products, or accounts. Utilize our ElasticSearch integration to gain access to additional features like query boosting.

Staff management

Control responsibilities and access by giving specific permissions to individual staff members. Use history timelines to see who carried out which changes.

GDPR ready

We take extra care not to collect any information that is not necessary for order fulfillment. User accounts are safe to remove without affecting your ability to process orders.


Saleor supports server-side Google Analytics to report ecommerce metrics without affecting your customers’ privacy.


Check our comprehensive documentation which can guide you through the installation process or customizations that you may want to carry out.

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