To keep you informed about the Implementation of the most important features, You will find our Roadmap for 2019, below.


Long-Term Goals

Data import/export tools

Tools to allow easier migration from other e-commerce platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify.

Plug-in architecture

Implement existing integrations as pluggable extensions and adjust the Saleor architecture to add new ones without modifying the source code.

Shipping carriers

Integration with shipping carriers APIs.

Payment gateways

Support for more payment gateways.


JUNE 2019

Saleor 2.8

Avalara tax calculation integration

Updated vouchers page

Storing credit card details

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MAY 2019

Saleor 2.7

Storefront navigation management

Filtering capabilities

New order creation flow

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APR 2019

Saleor 2.6

Introducing Black

Data classes for payments

Bulk action feature

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MAR 2019

Saleor 2.5

Model Translations UI

Dark mode and fresh dashboard theme

Address book added

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FEB 2019

Saleor 2.4

Model Translations API

New Discount and Shipping Methods

Added static Pages

Draftail editor

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JAN 2019

Saleor 2.3

Dashboard 2.0: image upload, taxes selection

Docker configuration

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DEC 2018

Saleor 2.2

Stripe integration

Dashboard 2.0: product selection widget

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NOV 2018

Saleor 2.1

Playground GraphQL explorer

Razorpay integration


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OCT 2018

Saleor 2.0

PWA Storefront (beta)

GraphQL API optimizations

Braintree integration

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SEPT 2018

September Release

Order management (Dashboard 2.0)

Staff management (Dashboard 2.0)

Order timeline

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AUG 2018

Summer Release

Shipping Zones

Product management views (Dashboard 2.0)

Model translations

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JUNE 2018

June Release

GraphQL Api (Beta)

Sentry Integration

New Languages - Czech, Chinese (Taiwan)

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MAY 2018

May Release

Ability to remove customer data

reCAPTCHA integration

Product overselling

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APR 2018

April Release

Tax support for European countries

Simplified stock management

Customer notes

Improved menu management

Draft product collections

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MAR 2018

March Release

Multilingual storefront

Creating orders through the dashboard

Customizable storefront navigation

SEO tools

Email schema markup

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FEB 2018

February Release

Upgraded price handling

Adding custom pages through the dashboard

Dropped Satchless API

Switched to Webpack 4

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JAN 2018

January Release

Added support for Django 2.0

MJML templates for emails

Product collections

Adding order notes in checkout

Lazy-loading images in the storefront

Creating customers through the dashboard

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DEC 2017

December Release

Dropped Python 2.7

Added OpenGraph tags and canonical links

Selectable country prefixes for phone numbers in checkout

Rendering explanatory “zero” page

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